Tanya Drayton, LMT, RM, CST

MT LMT 1309

tel: (406) 642-3665

I am located in the Bitterroot Valley, in Western Montana. In addition to being an Usui Reiki Master, I hold a Bachelors of Science from Virginia Tech and I am a Techniques Certified CranioSacral Therapist through the Upledger Institute and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  I am the founder and leader of the Bitterroot CranioSacral Upledger approved study group. I am also the Director of the Visual-Motor Program known as "Norma's Kids", which strives to bring balance and clarity to elementary children through specific exercises aimed at strengthening eyes muscles and improving their proprioception (brain-body communication). 

My work is not limited to people. I also do bodywork on horses, dogs, cats and other animals as the need arises. I have been doing energy healing since I was a small child. Throughout my life, I have in some manner or form, been involved in the healing arts. I endeavor to approach everyone from the heart and work to help facilitate the healing path of all those I encounter.

In addition, I do pro bono bodywork and Visual-Motor exercises with children at a local school to facilitate the reduction of ADD/ADHD and to improve their reading skills by correcting restrictions that interfere with how their eyes track when they attempt to read and/or restrictions that impede their vocalization abilities.

I believe in giving back to the community and do so in a variety of ways.

I am a member of the Bitter Root Back Country Horseman and a 4-H leader.


February 22, 2013

It is my privilege and pleasure to offer this letter of recommendation, this letter of testimony to Tanya's healing ability in the modalities of Reiki, CranioSacral, and Myo-Neuro release Therapies.

I have been working with Tanya fro approximately 6 months. In search of relief from a variety of physical challenges (including Multiple Sclerosis with all its symptoms and complications, arthritic and damaged knees and physical abuse), I was referred to Tanya by her teacher and mentor. At his recommendation and referral, our work began.

From the beginning, Tanya's healing abilities included the modality of integration. It is a rare and gifted healer who has the ability to not only listen to the body and the mind of the client, but more importantly, the heart and spirit; who has the ability to freely flow with what's needed in the moment, be it Reiki, CranioSacral or Myo-Neuro Release therapy or all three. It is a rare and gifted healer who can so efficiently and gently, achieve the highest, most positive results: healing always and in all ways.

Through my work with Tanya, my MS symptoms have been significantly reduced. I can taste much better and walk more fluidly. I have uncovered and healed old body wounds from early physical abuse. I am more pain free than ever before, have more strength, and dexterity in my body and more peace in my world. Tanya knows true healing is integrative in nature and she is very good at accomplishing this deep and lasting healing.

With Great Gratitude,

Mashara, Bitterroot Valley, MT

April 9th, 2013

I have been interested in helping people for a long time, but until recently never knew it was right at my fingertips. On first try I did not really know what to expect. I have always wanted to help people and was trying to find what I was going to do with my life and it found me instead. Since the class I have been more balanced. My husband has even notices the changes about me. My husband hurt his neck and shoulder and I offered him Reiki and it helped him when his neck and shoulder hurt and then he wanted more. I have used the balancing on my children and it works well in calming them. I want to be healthier as well as more optimistic it is a positive change in me. I feel happier and want to keep learning more about Reiki to help myself and others. The principles are easy for me to align with because they are reminding me to be kind and gentle and listen to our mother earth the energy is there for healing it just needs to be helped to the recipient and offered by a person like me it is an awesome gift. Thank you for sharing Reiki with me.

Shawna F., Missoula, MT

November 7, 2013

I was recommended to Tanya by a friend because I had been struggling with sciatic pain as well as debilitating anxiety and depression. I had never heard of craniosacral therapy so I was a bit nervous going to my first appointment. However, I went in ready to heal. Tanya put me right at ease. She explained everything she was doing and I learned a lot about healing, energy, and the craniosacral system. I had come into her office completely out of alignment and of balance in more ways than one. She reminded me that she was not the healer, that I had an inner physician, and that along with my faith in God I would be healed. She just got to walk the journey with me! I was impressed with her humility with this amazing gift of healing she has been given. She patiently answered all my questions. I had many. I wanted to know everything she was doing. She would lightly press on certain parts of my skull that would elicit talking about emotional events and the tears would flow and then all of a sudden I would feel a shift in energy, she would exhale, and say, "€œThere you go. Thank you for releasing that"€�. Not only did she release trapped energy, she aligned my spine, balanced my sacrum, and made sure my chakras were healthy. After my appointment, I felt like someone had reset me emotionally! I want all my family and friends to know what an amazing therapy this is. My body is now beginning to balance out. Let the healing begin! I know I still have a road ahead but now I feel like my body is in happy harmony again so it can finally do it’s job. My inner physician was hobbling around but now it is straight. I feel strong, I feel balanced, I feel brave! Thank you Tanya! 

-Allison A. Jessop 

Hamilton, MT

November 14, 2013

When I first received cranial sacral therapy from Tanya Drayton, I had already spent over one year dealing with a medical issue that seemed to be a mystery to every doctor and specialist that I had seen. This medical problem gave me excruciating head pain and “episodes” that resembled seizures. Although many doctors, specialists, and even psychologists could find a reason why this was occurring, these episodes kept me from reading, writing, driving, and even doing simple math.

Over the course of my sessions with Tanya, I not only felt a physical improvement in my symptoms, I had learned so much about what she was doing and why it would help me. At the beginning of a session, my head would be very painful to touch, and by the end of the session, I would be able to relax my head in her hands with no pain. After a few months of cranial sacral therapy, I felt major physical improvements. I can now say that I have gone from two or three episodes in a day, to having NO episodes and absolutely no head pain.

I have since returned to my regular activities. I am driving, doing math, reading, and writing. For me, just the fact that I am able to write this shows how much cranial sacral therapy has helped me regain my life. I now recommend this therapy to so many people because I know how much it can help such a wide variety of health concerns.

Katie W.
Hamilton, MT